Wednesday, 4 March 2009

TXT2 At the Vulcan public house Cardiff

Images above and below by Chris Colclough

7. 30pm on the 3rd MARCH 2009.

Artstation will present this work as part of Nutopia Symposium the Arades Project in Cardiff April 2nd to 3rd.

What will happen.
As the day light disappears, powerful projection from University Atrium building opposite on to the face of Vulcan Pub will provide the first public viewing of this Mashup and Guerrilla Text - An Artwork in support of the Vulcan Pub a much loved landmark of old Cardiff which is currently scheduled for demolition in June 09.

The Artwork creates a tapestry of publicly
generated content, on the surface of the building with which to express the cultural value of the site in an immediate and simple method. Texts are sent to the building and are seen on the outside in a mural of light.

Postscript:Following this event, a curator of everyday life working at St Fagans Museum rang Artstation. He had been in the Vulcan the evening of the event and described the effect as magical There was interest in getting hold of the data (mobile messages). Kath and Glenn visited the Museum for talks about future research collaboration, these are continuing. In the meantime we have given the data to St Fagans Museum for the good of the nation.

THE VULCAN IS SAVED for the time being.
Recent news of a 3 year reprive:

Social networking software
A building is incorporated into the social networking surrounding it. Long time users, younger users, passers by indeed any potential stakeholder may nudge the systems via a contact number projected as a foot note. The system is used to communicate ideas, poetry, memories, slogans, prepared texts and quick notes.

Meaning is constructed between the artists and public users, on or between buildings, places and spaces. MMS Images can be txted to the project and in development currently under discussion future emailed content such as images, short movies and text will be incorporated directly into the tapestry. Old buildings may speak up for them selves or converse with young buildings.

As an outcome of TXT2 at Vulcan there is a 12 min film of the TXT2 event available from Artstation and discussion is taking place with curators of contemporary life at St Fagans Museum.

The software has been developed in association with Dr Ian Grimstead from University of Cardiff and anthropologist Kath Williams of University of Glamorgan.

Artstation also acknowledge the kind support of Arts Council of Wales, UnLtd and Science Shops Wales of University of Glamorgan. Cardiff University Computer Science department, St. Fagans Museum and Wyn Mason for assistance on filming and projection.

Originally the software was designed around an existing crises, the Shepherds Arms Freehouse in Cwmaman where community feelings were running high. Design and function of the software has been conceived for public feedback on buildings which are facing demolition or irrevocable change. It addresses situations where local identity, distinctiveness or relationship to community stand to be lost. By projection onto the exterior of a building it provides a way of getting messages back to those who need to hear, be they other members of public or officials. It is a way of stimulating the public mind with specific ideas or impressions, creating agency and interest in the public relationship to place. The open source software provides public with a method to respond to questions and evocations using their mobile text massaging. It was designed so that out put can be large screen or projection. The project is ideally suited to public, social spaces like bars, café etc. Images and film can also be incorporated into the system. The artwork is designed to be low maintenance. The Content for projection is carefully controlled. Impress page templates cycle through pre-designed slides automatically. All incoming txt and phone numbers are audited and saved by the system.

Further Testing and development
Discussion is currently underway with Chapter Art Centre to test the system in the public bar area, Chapter is currently undergoing a major refurbishment and Artstation will be using the bar later in the year to mount another event.


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